The Gallery – Colour

Autumn Leaves - Boston Ivy

This week The Gallery topic is ‘Colour’ and Tara at Sticky Fingers set us the task of taking photos while the weather was good and choosing one particular colour to show off.

Well, I’m on holiday, and the weather really hasn’t been that good, so I thought I’d cheat and use this photo of the RED autumn leaves which I actually posted a couple of weeks ago!

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Just a brief post to say I’m off on holiday this week!  Ok, I admit, I’m writing this on Friday night and setting it to automatically appear on Monday!  Wow – the wonders of WordPress!

Anyway, I’ll write more about my break when I come back – in the meantime, happy blogging and if you are visiting me, please follow me on twitter – I’ve just joined!

Largo WeatherOh – look at the weather forecast – things might be looking up for me in the middle of the week!


Peek a Boo

At the moment one of my wee ones favourite things to do is to play Peek-a-Boo.  What I find is astounding is how long she hides for – I would have thought that her limit would be 5 or 10 seconds, but she lasts so much longer than that!  This is how it generally goes:

She hides.

Me: ‘Where’s my wee girl?  Oh, I wonder where she is?  Where can she have gone?  I’ve lost my wee girl.  This is funny, where can my wee girl have gone…’

Eventually, she pops out with a wide grin.

Me: ‘Peek-a-boo, there you are!’

She hides again.

I was out shopping with her the other day and popped a muslin over her head – it was quite embarrassing how long she waited before pulling it off – I was a bit afraid someone was going to report me for walking around with my baby under a muslin!

PS. Thought this picture was a good illustration – I did not help her get into this position in any way at all – she did it entirely herself!

Something lovely for me!

OrchidGuess what just arrived for me?  Ok, so the picture is a bit of a clue!  It’s a beautiful Orchid and it’s just for me!  The note says ‘for my wee painter’!  Aw… so my hubby really appreciates my work on the nursery shelves!  Completely unprompted flowers though – that’s a result!

I’m very chuffed!  Can you tell?

Not going to write any more other than to say I’ve just joined twitter!  So please follow me!  I’m off to have a look at what’s going on over there now!

Home Sweet Home

This week the theme for The Gallery is ‘Home‘.  There are lots of things that make a house a home, be it the photos on the wall, the things we have brought home from holidays or special pieces of furnishings we have found.  Sometimes the toys lying around are what makes this house a home, or the kitchen complete with the aroma of something tasty cooking.  So what would I choose for this weeks Gallery topic of ‘Home’.

The Gallery - Home - My BedroomSpoiled for choice, I have opted for my bedroom.  When I”m out and I say “I can’t wait to get home”, or when I’ve been away and return saying “It’s good to be home” then often the home I mean is my own bed, fresh sheets, soft lighting, a good book… and of course the baby monitor on my bedside table to help me ensure that my wee one is enjoying her own bed too!

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Upstairs, Downstairs, DIY!

This post lacks focus – there are so many different things I want to say that I should probably split it into several posts, but I don’t want to!  I want it to be one post and I want it to be quite brief (because I have a short attention span, and am a bit pressed for time this week too!)

Nursery ShelvesSo, my wee ones nursery used to have two completely pointless cupboards in it – so narrow they weren’t any good at all!  They also had dark wooden doors that I felt darkened the room.  I took the decision to remove the doors and put shelves in!  As you can see from the photo the final result is great (well, I think it is!)  I now have 6 shelves where each cupboard was, and can put things for my wee one to play with on the lower shelves, while keeping things safely out of reach higher up.  I got a joiner to help put the shelves in but I did all the filling in of dodgy walls & painting myself and am quite proud of the final result!

Now, during the decorating period we moved her upstairs (we sleep downstairs) as I mentioned in a previous post.  I’ve always thought that when she is older we will move her upstairs, but have been a bit nervous about it when our room is downstairs.  I remember when we bought the house somebody saying that it was better to sleep on the same level as your wee ones and that we might find it a bit problematic that our bedrooms are split between downstairs and upstairs.  So I find myself in a bit of a quandary…

But… while she was upstairs I loved it!  She is a light sleeper and so she often wakes in the evening – but the whole time she was upstairs she slept all night long and there were no worries about her waking – we could stomp about as much as we wanted downstairs!  So rather than being excited about moving her back down into her newly decorated nursery, I do so with trepidation that I’m in for more tip-toeing around and worrying about waking her up!

How many grapes?!

So far, eating has come naturally to my wee one and the whole transition to solids has been a dream!  My only concern is ‘How much should she eat?‘  She doesn’t seem to know when to stop and will keep eating until I stop her – no matter what she is eating!  I know that you shouldn’t put a baby on a diet, and I’m not doing that, but there comes a point where if I take her out of her chair she is fully satisfied and doesn’t look for food till the next meal – despite the fact that if she stayed at the table she would have kept eating.

Grapes for snackSo, how much should I give her?  I’m fairly happy with her meal portions as she gets two courses and often picks away on lots of veg until we have finished eating, but afternoon snack, between lunch and tea, I think she would eat a whole meal if I let her!  This is yesterday’s snack – all eaten with hardly a break for air!  She is eleven months old – I’d appreciate any thoughts on quantities!  On other days she would eat a bowl of berries, or a whole banana.  Equally, other snack ideas would be welcome!