The Gallery: Animals

We don’t have a pet – I’m not really an animal lover at all.  I was keen to contribute to ‘The Gallery‘ but when I saw that the theme for this week was ‘Animals’ I ruled it out and thought I would wait until next week to make my first entry.  However, that changed quickly when my wee girl was out in the garden and I saw her making her way up the steps towards a cat that was sitting enjoying the sun.  I had my camera out anyway, so got ready to snap and couldn’t believe it when she reached the top of the steps and the cat rolled over and started entertaining her!  She had made a new friend!

The Gallery - Animals

It seems that the absence of pets in the house hasn’t meant that my wee girl is scared at all – in fact it’s probably just made her more inquisitive!  I really liked the picture anyway, so thought I’d share it!

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The Sock Tree

Sock TreeIt was time to leave Grandma’s and so the inevitable sock hunt began!  Yes, today we had left home without any ‘sock ons‘ on – always a recipe for lost socks!  We searched high and low, and eventually found the sock, hanging on a decorative dried flower vase in the bathroom – why hadn’t we thought to look there earlier!  It amused me enough to take a quick snap on my phone, sorry it isn’t better quality!  Anyone care to share where you have found socks (or other bits and bobs) that your wee ones have ‘lost’?!

This is not an advertisement for sock ons, but I must say they have saved me so much time and hassle looking for socks and returning them to their rightful place!  I’m reminded of that every day I can’t find them in the morning and dare to go out without them!


Leftovers from Sunday Dinner

When I wrote my post about Tasty Tatties on Friday I envisaged today’s post being a mouth-watering photo of my roast beef surrounded by two dishes of beautiful potatoes – roasted and mashed.

However, in the rush of serving dinner up I forgot to take the photo!  So, I’m afraid that the only photo I can show is of my leftovers – if you look closely you will see the one lonely roast potato next to the pile of mash!

It’s fair to say that Sunday lunch went well – there wasn’t much left over anyway!  Nothing has ever gone to waste in this house as my husband loves to take leftovers to work with him the following day.  He has a fight on his hands now though as I want to keep some for my wee girl who will munch on anything she can get her hands on – she has already enjoyed a good serving of mash, carrots & broccoli from the plate above!

The main course wasn’t the only success of Sunday though – dessert went down very well too!  If you like pavlova and banoffie pie, can I recommend my new creation!  For want of a better name I will call it ‘pavoffie’!  I find pavlova easier to make than a biscuit base for banoffie pie (thanks to my Mum’s ‘perfect pavlova’ recipe!) so I made a pavlova, then used it in place of a base!  I simply flipped it over and topped it with caramel, banana, cream & chocolate flake – YUM!  I’d highly recommend it – I even had a wee slice after my toast this morning!

No blogging – it’s the weekend!

This post has no photo because it isn’t really a post – honest!  I know how addictive the internet is so one of my ‘rules‘ is that I only blog Monday – Friday.
Except for special occasions – like today.  I had to just report that I was not going to blog at the weekend.  Even though it is the weekend just now.  Ok, enough.  Logging off now!

Tasty Tatties at 20 Weeks

Home Grown Potatoes

This week has been rather momentous for me as I have finally been able to pick and eat the potatoes I’ve been growing for the last 20 weeks.  It’s the first time I’ve grown any of my own vegetables and I’ve got to admit to being surprised at how well it seems to have gone!

Pictured here is what I got from the first of 16 plants – a couple of tiny wee ones but otherwise some pretty big potatoes!  Obviously I’m far from a professional at this as I had to pick them into a dustpan – not sure what the right thing to use would be and it’s only now I’m looking at the photo I’m realising it doesn’t look great!

I’m glad that potatoes are ready in half the time that babies are as I think I would have completely lost patience by 40 weeks (but then again I lost patience waiting for my wee one to come along long before 40 weeks too!)  Now I’ve made that comparison I realise how nice it would have been to have a ‘Your potatoes – a week by week guide’ just like the pregnancy sites – pictures of how my potatoes are coming along might have encouraged me to water them and tend to them more!  Any gardening types with a bit of spare time on their hands and a lot of imagination fancy creating one?  I’m sure it could be easily adjusted to cover all sorts of vegetables!

I’d love to report that they tasted out of this world, but sadly I have to be honest and say that they just tasted like potatoes.  My husband did the ‘good husband’ bit telling me that they tasted great, and they certainly were tasty, but for me the goodness was more in the knowledge that I’d grown them myself.  Anyway, they were good enough for me to get excited about picking more and there is something special about ‘popping out to the garden to get the potatoes for tea’.  I’m going to put them to the test on Sunday when I’m cooking lunch for 8 – I will report back on how well they go down!

The Evil Hoover

Dyson hooverThis is a photo of our Dyson.  I think it is the best hoover I have ever owned, but my wee girl seems to think differently.  To be fair, I don’t know if it is this particular hoover that she objects to, or hoovers in general, but her reaction to it is extreme.

She’s not a baby who cries much, and when something does upset her she generally recovers very quickly.  However, with the hoover it’s different.  Today I decided that enough was enough and she was just going to have to live with it.  Hoovering is a part of my daily life (I admit to being a bit of a clean freak!) and I can’t keep rearranging my schedule and getting someone to take her outside every time I want to hoover.  So, I took her in my arms and decided we would hoover together.

She screamed.

I kept going, convinced she would get used to it.

She kept screaming.

After 3 rooms I gave up and stopped.  She kept screaming.  My plan had not worked!  In fact it hadn’t even come close to being successful.  It took 15 minutes of comforting, including giving her ‘Blue Ted’ her favourite teddy who isn’t normally allowed out of the cot.  Never before has Blue Ted failed to get a smile as soon as he is produced.  This was bad; in fact, I still feel stressed out thinking about it now!

So I don’t know where I go from here – any suggestions are welcome!

Mucky Pup

Mucky PupI recently likened my wee girl to a puppy and yesterday afternoon the term that jumped into my mind to describe her was ‘mucky pup’ or maybe even ‘muddy pup’!  As you can see from this photo of her there is nothing that attracts her more than mud – it’s like she’s drawn to it!  This is her legs – you should have seen her face!  (But I’m not showing faces in this blog – part of my rules!)

We gave her a really girly name when she was born and I’m starting to question the wisdom in that.  She seems happiest getting dirty and is quite boisterous, making me wonder whether her name is too girly for her character!