Just like a puppy!

Andrex Puppy

When I started this blog I never imagined an early entry would be a photo of my toilet!  However, what you see is the sight that greeted me this morning!

On several occasions since our wee girl was born we have commented on how having a baby around is rather like having a pet of some sort – a puppy maybe!  This morning another reason was added – this photo is not the result of the Andrex Puppy, but of my 10 month old girl!  The hole (just visible) has no doubt been chewed – I managed to rescue as much as I could from her mouth when I found her!

Some other reasons I think having a wee girl is a bit like having a puppy:

– she doesn’t talk, just makes little noises
– she whines if she doesn’t get what she wants
– she roams around on all fours
– she gets a bowl of mashed up food several times a day
– she likes to chew on anything she can find, including old slippers
– she has to be taken out for a walk regularly

But then again, I’ve never had a pet before, never mind a puppy – so I could be completely wrong! Feel free to contradict me or add any other similarities!


10 thoughts on “Just like a puppy!

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  2. hehehe it does look like the Andrex puppy was around!!! Pretty soon you will learn they have to go on a leash when we train them to walk too!

  3. My daughter used to just unravel the whole roll from the holder straight into the toilet and flush at intervals, just one of the things we found when going to investigate usual silences…

    Visiting from blow your own blog horn

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