Flowers from me!

Flowers from Sainsburys

I love flowers!

Since moving to our first house two years ago I have to admit to a rather ‘on-off’ relationship with the garden. I definitely go through phases of loving being out there with my gardening gloves on, and other phases when I almost forget it’s there… but then again we do live in the north of Scotland so the weather isn’t always conducive to gardening!

It’s not just flowers outside that I love though, I love to have flowers in the house.  Now that we have a garden I’ve sometimes been in a position to pick flowers and bring them into the house to put in a vase.  The flowers in this photo though, are not from my garden – they are from Sainsburys.  They weren’t bought for me, I bought them for myself.  It’s something I admit I struggle with a bit – buying myself flowers.  I think of them as a luxury and as something I should only have if someone buys them for me.  But when it comes down to it I rarely get bought flowers, so I’m trying to buy myself flowers ‘guilt-free’!


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