Mucky Pup

Mucky PupI recently likened my wee girl to a puppy and yesterday afternoon the term that jumped into my mind to describe her was ‘mucky pup’ or maybe even ‘muddy pup’!  As you can see from this photo of her there is nothing that attracts her more than mud – it’s like she’s drawn to it!  This is her legs – you should have seen her face!  (But I’m not showing faces in this blog – part of my rules!)

We gave her a really girly name when she was born and I’m starting to question the wisdom in that.  She seems happiest getting dirty and is quite boisterous, making me wonder whether her name is too girly for her character!


One thought on “Mucky Pup

  1. Ah yes, trousers filthy below the knees – I can relate to this ! And then as they get older it’s dirty,ripped heels of jeans ! It never ends (sorry!)

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