The Evil Hoover

Dyson hooverThis is a photo of our Dyson.  I think it is the best hoover I have ever owned, but my wee girl seems to think differently.  To be fair, I don’t know if it is this particular hoover that she objects to, or hoovers in general, but her reaction to it is extreme.

She’s not a baby who cries much, and when something does upset her she generally recovers very quickly.  However, with the hoover it’s different.  Today I decided that enough was enough and she was just going to have to live with it.  Hoovering is a part of my daily life (I admit to being a bit of a clean freak!) and I can’t keep rearranging my schedule and getting someone to take her outside every time I want to hoover.  So, I took her in my arms and decided we would hoover together.

She screamed.

I kept going, convinced she would get used to it.

She kept screaming.

After 3 rooms I gave up and stopped.  She kept screaming.  My plan had not worked!  In fact it hadn’t even come close to being successful.  It took 15 minutes of comforting, including giving her ‘Blue Ted’ her favourite teddy who isn’t normally allowed out of the cot.  Never before has Blue Ted failed to get a smile as soon as he is produced.  This was bad; in fact, I still feel stressed out thinking about it now!

So I don’t know where I go from here – any suggestions are welcome!


9 thoughts on “The Evil Hoover

  1. You could try turning the hoover on in the room next to her and stay with her cuddling and playing so she doesn’t associate the hoover with you going. Then when she’s happy with that bring it in to the same room as you and do the same. I had a similar problem with one of my older ones, I had to carry them in a sling whilst I hoovered for a few weeks until they got used to it !
    Good luck ! x

  2. Hello again. Have enjoyed reading the blog so far and am drooling over the Mac Book Air. ( You lucky lady!). On the hoover front. Not sure if your little one is walking yet, but you can buy mini pretend ones from ELC and the like so she has one of her own to help with? Had exactly the same problem with Little Pip – putting clean cutlery in the drawer post dishwasher as well was also a tearjerker. I think eventually he just grew out of it!

  3. Thanks for these suggestions… going to try hard next week and might invest in a play hoover! She’s walking well with her walker but not on her own so she might be able to push a pretend hoover. It certainly can’t make it any worse than it already is!

  4. hello, found your lovely new blog through net mums. i had this problem with my son, he would scream the house down when i got the hoover out, he grew out of it by about 18 months. he actually chose a play hoover while out shopping, and i think that is what got him out of it. while he was going through the phase though, i would put him in his cot with a few toys where i knew he was safe and close the door to whatever room i was cleaning to ease his stress, checking on him between rooms, that really helped. hope it gets better soon! nikki xo

  5. I love this post…Amelia is just like your lil one, she too isn’t much of a crier but when I switch on the hoover, she makes use of her vocal cords. So, I too try and hoover round her, and she seems to be getting a lil better. I have a friend who’s daughter was the same, so she bought her her very own mini hoover. She says it works, could always give it a lil try? Good luck hun!! xx

  6. my eldest was always scared of the hoover as a baby, unfortunatly he is still scared of it and hes 5! he wont go near it even if he knows it isnt plugged in. however, my youngest is the total opposite!

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