Tasty Tatties at 20 Weeks

Home Grown Potatoes

This week has been rather momentous for me as I have finally been able to pick and eat the potatoes I’ve been growing for the last 20 weeks.  It’s the first time I’ve grown any of my own vegetables and I’ve got to admit to being surprised at how well it seems to have gone!

Pictured here is what I got from the first of 16 plants – a couple of tiny wee ones but otherwise some pretty big potatoes!  Obviously I’m far from a professional at this as I had to pick them into a dustpan – not sure what the right thing to use would be and it’s only now I’m looking at the photo I’m realising it doesn’t look great!

I’m glad that potatoes are ready in half the time that babies are as I think I would have completely lost patience by 40 weeks (but then again I lost patience waiting for my wee one to come along long before 40 weeks too!)  Now I’ve made that comparison I realise how nice it would have been to have a ‘Your potatoes – a week by week guide’ just like the pregnancy sites – pictures of how my potatoes are coming along might have encouraged me to water them and tend to them more!  Any gardening types with a bit of spare time on their hands and a lot of imagination fancy creating one?  I’m sure it could be easily adjusted to cover all sorts of vegetables!

I’d love to report that they tasted out of this world, but sadly I have to be honest and say that they just tasted like potatoes.  My husband did the ‘good husband’ bit telling me that they tasted great, and they certainly were tasty, but for me the goodness was more in the knowledge that I’d grown them myself.  Anyway, they were good enough for me to get excited about picking more and there is something special about ‘popping out to the garden to get the potatoes for tea’.  I’m going to put them to the test on Sunday when I’m cooking lunch for 8 – I will report back on how well they go down!


5 thoughts on “Tasty Tatties at 20 Weeks

  1. I haven’t planted any potatoes this year but seem to have wuite a lot growing from my compost heap – they seem massive but I just don’t fancy the thought of eating them after they have been in amongst the chickens pooh !
    Hope the Sunday lunch goes well !

  2. Congrats! I also picked my first potato crop this year too. Got 9kg from two or so rows and was really chuffed. It feels good knowing that such a small space can produce so much. Here’s to the impatient gardeners.

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