Leftovers from Sunday Dinner

When I wrote my post about Tasty Tatties on Friday I envisaged today’s post being a mouth-watering photo of my roast beef surrounded by two dishes of beautiful potatoes – roasted and mashed.

However, in the rush of serving dinner up I forgot to take the photo!  So, I’m afraid that the only photo I can show is of my leftovers – if you look closely you will see the one lonely roast potato next to the pile of mash!

It’s fair to say that Sunday lunch went well – there wasn’t much left over anyway!  Nothing has ever gone to waste in this house as my husband loves to take leftovers to work with him the following day.  He has a fight on his hands now though as I want to keep some for my wee girl who will munch on anything she can get her hands on – she has already enjoyed a good serving of mash, carrots & broccoli from the plate above!

The main course wasn’t the only success of Sunday though – dessert went down very well too!  If you like pavlova and banoffie pie, can I recommend my new creation!  For want of a better name I will call it ‘pavoffie’!  I find pavlova easier to make than a biscuit base for banoffie pie (thanks to my Mum’s ‘perfect pavlova’ recipe!) so I made a pavlova, then used it in place of a base!  I simply flipped it over and topped it with caramel, banana, cream & chocolate flake – YUM!  I’d highly recommend it – I even had a wee slice after my toast this morning!


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