The New (Less Evil) Hoover

Toy Dyson Hoover

When I posted about ‘The Evil Hoover‘ last week there were lots of suggestions, including that I should consider getting a toy hoover for the wee one to see if that helps with her fear.  I had this in mind to do at some point, perhaps to buy one for her 1st birthday… but then I went to Costco!  I was there with a sensible list: washing powder, mince, wipes etc, but somehow I found myself in the toy section and it just jumped out at me… a toy Dyson – just like my real Dyson!  I couldn’t believe it!  It was calling out to me!

When toy hoovers were suggested I never imagined that you got toy hoovers which looked quite so like the real thing – even branded Dyson – and only £9.90!

So, thanks to those who suggested I give it a try – Mummy Plum, Nikki H & White Lily Mummy – I will report back on how I get on when I take it out of the box!


8 thoughts on “The New (Less Evil) Hoover

  1. Wow! What a bargain price for a Dyson too! I hope she likes it. And thanks for putting the link back to my blog…all publicity etc etc!

  2. I never new you could get a toy dyson! I’ll be interested to find out if it helps your little one get over her fear as K is scared of the hoover too. I don’t know why it started, she used to be fine but then all of a sudden she started to hate it. She’s ok if I hold her but it’s she’s a bit heavy now!

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