The Door

DL Kids Creche DoorThis is the door that separated me and my wee one!  I’m a stay at home Mum so while most other Mums I know are now preparing to return to work and putting their wee ones into nursery, my baby girl will be staying right with me.

I decided that it would be good for her to have some time with other children away from me and for me to have some ‘me-time’ so signed her up for an hour in the creche at David Lloyd centre which we are members of.

Yes, a whole hour!

So along we went, and she was signed in, I was asked if she would like some banana for snack!  She loves banana so I agreed to that straight away – surprised as I didn’t know she would get a snack when only there for an hour.  Somehow, even knowing that she would get a bit of banana made me feel happier!  The banana discussion distracted me so much that I didn’t notice her crawling off to find a dolly to play with – she was in her element with new toys so I said goodbye and left.

I stood on the other side of the door and watched for 5 minutes as she explored the toys, stole a toy from one wee girl, and had the dolly she was playing with taken from her!

Nothing seemed to phase her so I made myself leave, ready to ‘relax’ and enjoy ‘me-time’. Of course I spent the next hour thinking about her and checking the time to see if it was time to collect her yet!  I did enjoy a soak in the jacuzzi and a wee turn in the steam room & sauna; I even sat and did my hair without having to worry about her going for the cable!

The time came and I got to go back through the door to collect her.  Of course she was still playing happily and hardly noticed my return!  I will definitely do it again – maybe even for two hours!


7 thoughts on “The Door

  1. Ohh tempting, I am a SAHM too and I have toyed with the idea of putting K in the creche for a while so I can go for a swim (the kind where I actually get to swim and not just hold K!) or do a yoga class…I’m not quite brave enough yet!

    • It’s funny how difficult it is to part with them, particularly when you don’t know the people who you are leaving them with… can’t imagine how I’d cope with full time nursery!

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  3. it gets easier as time goes on and more come along, never left no1 if I could help it, couldnt relax away from her, time we got to No5 was practically giving her to any passing stranger….they need time away from you as much as you them.

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