Uh oh… Washing day

Washing PileSometimes it feels that the washing never ends; no sooner have I ironed and returned the items than the washing bag is full again!  Today I have a huge pile (and more in the machine)… but I just can’t summon the energy to do anything with it!  I suppose sometime soon I’m going to have to get on with it!


3 thoughts on “Uh oh… Washing day

  1. Oh I love washing and ironing – seriously ! But this blooming weather leaves a lot to be desired ! Papasaurus has finally agreed that we need a tumble drier and tomorrow I get to go and pick one – and not a moment too soon judging by the rain bucketing down outside !

    • Ooh I love my Miele – pricey but such a good investment! I love my steam iron too and when I get into it I can enjoy ironing, but today it’s just sitting there annoying me! Happy shopping!

  2. Would love a tumble drier, so much easier to get on with washing sheets and towels when you can hang them outside, otherwise they just sit around on the airer for ages and radiate damp. Good luck!

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