What? Wednesday! At Heathrow…

I’m loving the new ‘What? Wednesday!‘ idea from Mammasaurus.  She is very arty and draws cute cartoons, but I’m afraid I am really lacking on the artistic front, so I’m having to settle for purely text notes!

When we were in London for the weekend I had several ideas, from marking my favourite toys in Hamleys to comments on clothes in Top Shop – but ultimately I was carried away with the shopping and it was time to fly home, with my post-it notes & pen still tucked away in my handbag!  (Yes, a handbag – not a changing bag – a handbag – ooh the bliss!)

What? Wednesday! At Heathrow AirportSo here it is!

In the Heathrow Ladies I left several little ‘Enjoy your flight’ messages.

So, if you happened to be travelling on Sunday and saw my note:
Hello & thanks for popping by!
Or if you are an inquisitive toilet cleaner at Heathrow:
Hello, hope I didn’t add to your work too much – and maybe even made you smile!


12 thoughts on “What? Wednesday! At Heathrow…

  1. Cool ! Check you out ! I bet loads of people clapped eyes on those notes !!!
    (it’s so much fun carrying these notes about and then trying to discreetly post them up and photo them!)

    • It is fun – but I had to be extra discreet as my husband doesn’t know I’m blogging yet – now I know I should really tell him… but it’s just ‘my thing’ at the moment and I’m not sure what he will make of it! So I had to do it when he wasn’t around – hence ending up in the Ladies!

      • How the devil do you keep that from him ?! Mine rolls his eyes back as soon as I get on the laptop !
        Must be nice to have your own thing though 🙂

  2. Love the notes – so quirky and fun!
    Funnily enough…my husband doesn’t know I’m blogging yet either… am still weighing up what to do about that little dilemma – so will also follow your progress on that with interest!

      • Was going to comment at the bottom ’cause I loved this idea (really want to join in with this but haven’t been able to action my idea yet!) but had to comment here as my husband doesn’t know I’m blogging yet either (also weighing up this problem Mummy Plum!) – maybe it’s quite a common phenomenon!
        By the way found your blog on the Tots 100 CJ picks (she picked me too – yay!)

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