Reasons to be Cheerful – in My Garden

I consider myself a really cheerful person, and I find reasons to be cheerful often – so I liked Mummy From the Heart‘s ‘Reason’s to be Cheerful‘ idea.  It’s my first time, and I thought I’d base my reasons around my garden this week as it has made me very cheerful!

Garden1. At last the diggers have gone and we have a patio to sit on (ok, no furniture yet!), grass to play on and plants & flowers to admire.

2. The bark seems to be keeping the weeds at bay – hurrah!  So less time weeding and more time enjoying!

3. I can pick herbs and enhance my cooking from right outside my kitchen door!

I’m not a gardener, but I’m working on it!  So glad that after months of work the garden now seems ‘nearly there’ if not completely finished, and am enjoying spending lots of time either in it or looking out onto it with my wee girl.  Reasons to be Cheerful is a Blog Hop so it is hosted by Bod for Tea this week – pop on over and see why everyone else is cheery!


11 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheerful – in My Garden

  1. I too am not a gardner but have taken on a smallholding with over a acre to maintain. Sort of daft thing I do from time to time. Your patio looks lovely and it must be nice to enjoy it now . That bark stuff is fab at keeping weeds at bay and talking of bay, great to have herbs to hand.
    I like how your Reasons to be Cheerful are all on one theme.
    Reasons to be Cheerful is fab and loads of lovely bloggers take part so hope to see you again

  2. Wow – lovely patio. I’m super jealous! I’ve got a few herb pots and it’s so lovely to be able to pop outside and snip off a few leaves when you’re cooking. Makes you feel a bit domestic goddess-y! And I’m with you on the bark chippings – I absolutely hate weeding, so anything to avoid needing to do it.

  3. So bark chippings – tell me more! Do they stop weeds? I’m no gardener at all but am being somewhat forced into it at the moment. Any tips gratefully received.
    Hope to see you on r2bc again next week x

    • Hi there, I knew nothing about them but YES – they do seem to stop weeds! We are two weeks in now, and they have been pretty wet weeks so I’m sure we would have been full of weeds by now without the bark! The advice given was to lay it thick and it seems to have worked REALLY well. The other advice is to get it from a local timber centre / wood type place as they sell it off really cheap compared to buying bags from the garden centres or DIY stores, and it’s better quality too as it is freshly cut! We paid £25 for a trailer load – all that you can see in that picture and more – well worth it!

  4. Lovely patio!! I’m not green fingered at all… anything I try to grow has a tendency to crumple to the ground *sigh* Great reasons to be cheerful, thanks for linking up 😀

  5. Thanks so much for all the garden compliments – believe me it’s taken some time to get it sorted out, and there’s still areas where we are battling to get things under control!

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