What a fright – no lights!

Monitor Turned OffWe live downstairs and we sleep downstairs, so the baby monitor is rarely needed as any noises can be heard wherever we are.  However, I am currently doing some decorating in the Nursery (more on that in later blog entries I’m sure!) so the wee one is sleeping upstairs and the monitor is vital!  I’m checking it often, and even though I’ve checked it’s ok when I go to bed, just before I nod off I find myself quickly checking again!

So, you can imagine the shock I got when I looked last night and saw NO LIGHTS!  This was not a manufacturers fault either – it was pure human error… MY human error!  I hadn’t turned it on!

Over half an hour since she went to bed, and we had been ‘out of contact’ with her.  I rushed upstairs to find… she was fast asleep!  Panic over!

It’s funny how before she was born I used to think that monitors were unnecessary and way overused, but now I can’t move anywhere without it!


3 thoughts on “What a fright – no lights!

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