Tummy Bug Time

Yesterday, for the first day since I started blogging, I missed a day.  It wasn’t just that I didn’t write, I didn’t read either.  I didn’t even go to Netmums or Mumsnet to check the ‘latest posts’ as I’ve enjoyed doing so much over the past month.  I didn’t open up WordPress and click on ‘Blogs I follow’ to see what the Mum’s I’ve connected with so far have been saying.

The reason is in the title – a tummy bug is to blame.  It’s not me though, it’s the wee one, which I have discovered is 1000 times worse than being ill myself.  It’s the first time she has really been ill and I hate it.  Ok, she’s had a cold, she has been teething and she has had off days, but this is different.  It started on Sunday night, when she was ‘big girl’ sick – I’ll spare you the details, but it required a sheet change for the bed, and a bath & hair wash for her.

Washer & Dryer

No sooner had we got the bed made again and got her back in it, then we were starting the routine all over again as she was sick again.  The poor wee thing must have had nothing left inside her at all – but still, a third time she was sick.  (By the third time we managed to clear her up without a bath – a small achievement but a significant one at the time.)  I didn’t want to post a photo of a sick baby, or of sick itself so I thought I’d go for my washing machine & tumble dryer – I’d guess they have been used more than any others in the UK these past two days!  How do people manage without?!

So yesterday I spent the whole day with her in my arms.  We visited the doctor (very impressed with the NHS on this occasion as we got an appointment straight away!) and he saw for himself how floppy my wee girl was, she didn’t flinch as he examined her.  She dozed on and off all day, and had only water to drink.  At bed time we gave her 4oz rather than the 2oz at a time she had through the day, and guess what?  Yes, sick again.

Today she’s only slightly better, but has managed a wee bit of baby porridge at lunchtime so that’s a step forward.  She seems keen to eat, but I’m not risking too much or too fast; little and often seems the way to go.  Any suggestions for good food for her tender tummy would be appreciated!

Things I’ve learnt about being ill so far:
– 3 cot sheets is not enough (never would have guessed I would need more than that!)
– 1 pillow is not enough
– John Lewis pillow protectors can’t protect pillows from the sick of a 10 month old!
– 1 special ‘Blue Ted’ is not enough
– 3 sleep-suits is not enough
– 2 sleeping bags is not enough
– There can never be enough cuddles between a Mum and a sick wee girl!

But on the positive side:
– Sick babies love to cuddle up and watch TV
– Sick babies nod off to sleep a lot
– Sick babies may not smile but they show you that they love you & need you much more than usual
– If you have a sick baby, the doctors are there to help – straight away!

She still hasn’t been down to play yet, not really holding her head up, just lying watching TV cuddled up with me most of the day.  She’s in her cot for a sleep now, so no excuse – I better get on with making something for our tea.  Time to browse a few blogs first though!


13 thoughts on “Tummy Bug Time

  1. Oh dear 😦 I hope she feels better soon. Sickness bugs are the pits. And don’t be fooled by the first vomit – there is always a second wave ! (usually just after you have loaded the washing machine and turned it on !) x

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  4. Poor little love – it’s the worst thing when they’re ill. I remember the first time Logan was ‘proper’ sick and just kept on and on until his tummy must have had no more in it! We are actually buying our first ever tumble dryer – as winter approaches I’ve reminded Adam on what it’s like to have ONE sick baby, and if they BOTH got a tummy bug we’d be stuffed as they go through SOO many clothes / sheets etc! I’m not looking forward to it at all, but know it’s bound to happen!

    I even searched eBay for a spare Rabbit (Logan’s favourite as a baby, and still a favourite now at age 3!) – he lives in the airing cupboard and has been brought out quite a few times when Original Rabbit has been lost / been sick on / been dropped in the mud!

    I hope baby is better very soon – love and cuddles do work wonders x

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  6. aah miserable! It is the worst kind of cleaning up ever. But you’re right – once you get reassurance that they are going to be ok, it is the best lot of cuddles you ever get from them. My 4 month old had flu and slept all day in my arms – it was the best rest I’d had in ages! (Found you on Love New Blogs btw)

  7. Hope she is all better now. I always find it’s when my son is tired or sick that you get the best cuddles. Tummy bugs are horrid though, and you’ll find no matter how many sheets etc you have, it will never be enough! (Found you on Love New Blogs too) 🙂

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