Happy Memories on the Stairs

Climbing the Stairs

If the topic for ‘The Gallery‘ last week had been ‘Things that scare you‘ then this photo would have been perfect!  It’s amazing how things change in a few days!  I took this photo thinking up a blog entry in my head about the terrifying prospect of my wee one scampering up the stairs and losing her footing.  It was amazing how quickly she went from not noticing the stairs, to climbing them at a ridiculous pace – and of course she aims for them at every opportunity.

So, why am I posting it as ‘Happy Memories’?
Well, since Monday my wee one has been immobilised due to a Tummy Bug – she has been lying helpless in my arms for two days.  Today there is a slight improvement, but she is nowhere near strong enough to crawl along the ground, never mind up the stairs.

All of a sudden my perspective has changed, and a smile comes to my face when I think about the cheeky smile she would give me when turning around after sneaking up 3 stairs!
I’m sure she will be right as rain again in a few days and I’ll be back to terrified!  Still, I thought I’d post this temporary Happy Memory rather than one of the permanent Happy Memories, like my wedding, taking the wee one home from hospital, special times on holiday.  Those happy memories will stay forever, but I’m sure I’ll soon forget how happy a memory the stair-climbing became over the past few days!

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4 thoughts on “Happy Memories on the Stairs

  1. So interesting what you write about perspective – when things get back to normal we forget, thought this was a great post. You have reminded me of someone asking me how my partner was (he has been ill) the other week and I said ‘well we’re bickering again!’ – how quickly we forget! Good luck for a swift recovery and lots more wriggling – though perhaps not on the stairs! x

  2. Good take and interesting how circumstances can make our perspective change. I remember the first time that my baby climbed the stairs and it took me a while to realise where he had gone. Less stressful with second and third child.

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