Soap: how much?!

Today I finally made it out of the house to go and do some shopping!  Grandma kindly took over babysitting / nurse duties for the wee one, who I’m glad to report is now much better!

Perhaps I was taking my time too much before I even noticed this, but I was astounded as I looked at the soap aisle!  I’ve always used Imperial Leather – we were brought up using it and it’s one of those things that I’ve never even bothered to try other soaps – there’s no choice – it’s got to be Imperial Leather!  In fact, my Mum reminds me that I once commented how amazing it was that no matter where we went on holiday the hotels always used Imperial Leather soap.  This caused no end of amusement as I hadn’t realised my parents took a bar with them wherever we went!  (Perhaps they didn’t trust foreign soap supplied in hotels – oddly though, it’s a trend I’ve continued!)

So to my point – note the picture below:Imperial Leather 

One bar of soap is 68p
Two bars of soap are £1.28; so 64p per bar
Four bars of soap are £1.46; only 36.5p per bar

Now I’ve heard of economies of scale, but really, how is it possible that four bars of soap cost only 18p more than two bars?!


2 thoughts on “Soap: how much?!

  1. I know!! Its craziness… are they hoping we just buy one, so they have a massive profit margin on that one bar? Or do they really want us to bulk buy / value for money? I don’t get it.

    Imperial reminds me of my Dad, he ALWAYS uses Imperial – the orange glycerine one or the pink one! 🙂


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