I’m not crafty, but…

Hobbycraft invitesI’m not crafty at all.  As in – no artistic ability whatsoever.  But that doesn’t stop me planning all these amazing crafty activities I am going to do with my wee one.  I’ve been amazed by some of the ideas I’ve seen on blogs that I really fancy doing, and find myself bookmarking things like ‘button pictures‘ and ‘lavender wands‘ ready ‘for the future’, ie when the wee one is old enough and I turn overnight into an amazing crafty Mum!

It’s time to get planning the first birthday party, so obviously I found myself wandering around Hobbycraft, excited at all the different options for making my own invitations.  Yes, despite all I have just said I have decided to make my own invites!  So watch this space – I have everything I think I need, now I just need to put it all together and I will magically have wonderful party invites… or not…!


9 thoughts on “I’m not crafty, but…

  1. Ooooh 1st Birthday coming up – how wonderful!!! Hope you have a lovely day!!!

    And so pleased you have booked marked the lavender wands.. they really are lovely – but you may have to wait about 12 years… maybe have ago yourself first? 😉

    You can have a go at this in the meantime? http://www.redtedart.com/2011/04/27/kids-get-crafty-sand-art-crafts/ wee ones love the “tactileness” of the stick back plastic. You don’t have to use sand (a bit messy) but just stick things on like feathers and shapes… don’t forget the masking tape to stick it to the table!

    Happy Birthday again!


    • Thanks so much for your suggestion Maggy – I’ve only just picked it up as it was hiding in my spam box for some reason… silly wordpress! The sandy pictures look great I’ll try and give them a go!

  2. Ha ! I too bookmarked Red Ted Arts Lavender Wands !!! I have grand plans for creating shizzle but it doesn’t materialize into me actually pulling my finger out and DOING any of it 9 times out of 10 ! Look forward to seeing your ace invites (no pressure then !)

  3. Some of the crafty blogs are so inspiring aren’t they!? I would have loved to make lavender wands with my Mum when I was a little girl.
    Good luck with the invitations – I’ve had the best of intentions both years now…and year 2, ended up sending an email invite because I just got too behind! I did manage the monumental effort of homemade birthday cake though. Maybe that’s next on the list?

  4. I love Hobbycraft but it does tend to inspire me to do things that I just don’t have the skill/patience to pull off. Fun anyway though and I’m sure your invitations will be fab.

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