My Health Visitor (Save the Children 100 words)

No Child Born to Die

I hated my health visitor from the minute I met her. 

At the first ante-natal class I felt patronized and looked down on just because I expressed concerns about breast-feeding.  I decided I was better ‘on my own’. 

Everything changed when my wee one was born. 

Then I welcomed my HV who answered my silly questions and my serious ones.  I don’t always agree, but I’d hate not to have her!  I hope I don’t ever take for granted having her on the end of the phone, and doctors to help whenever needed.  If only everyone could have that support.

Those were my (exactly) 100 words for Save The Children’s current campaign.
Plenty is written elsewhere, so to find out more please visit Mummy From The Heart’s linky or read more about the idea she and Hello it’s Gemma had here.

And if you agree, please sign the petition!

I’m tagging my first five subscribers who haven’t already taken part!

This Charming Boy
Not Just a Mummy
Mummy Plum
Chatty Baby


6 thoughts on “My Health Visitor (Save the Children 100 words)

  1. Hey, thanks for the tag, and am sorry I didn’t get to follow through. A week without blogging. Tough! I did sign the petition though.
    Was pleased to hear you liked your H.V. – I have a very good friend who is a H.V – it makes me sad when they get bad press, she’s so passionate about her job and cares so much. Is great to know some people appreciate them and have a positive H.V experience.

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