How many grapes?!

So far, eating has come naturally to my wee one and the whole transition to solids has been a dream!  My only concern is ‘How much should she eat?‘  She doesn’t seem to know when to stop and will keep eating until I stop her – no matter what she is eating!  I know that you shouldn’t put a baby on a diet, and I’m not doing that, but there comes a point where if I take her out of her chair she is fully satisfied and doesn’t look for food till the next meal – despite the fact that if she stayed at the table she would have kept eating.

Grapes for snackSo, how much should I give her?  I’m fairly happy with her meal portions as she gets two courses and often picks away on lots of veg until we have finished eating, but afternoon snack, between lunch and tea, I think she would eat a whole meal if I let her!  This is yesterday’s snack – all eaten with hardly a break for air!  She is eleven months old – I’d appreciate any thoughts on quantities!  On other days she would eat a bowl of berries, or a whole banana.  Equally, other snack ideas would be welcome!


4 thoughts on “How many grapes?!

  1. from my experience I would say about the dozen you have looks an ok amount.
    Other thought for snacks, a cracker and spreading cheese, a petit filou kiddy sized yoghurt, 1oz cheese cut in squares, 1 slice of whole meal bread and spread or jam cut into small pieces. or any combination of the above (half and half).

    • Wow thanks for all those great suggestions- here’s to some less fruity snacks for a change every now and then. She is quite good with toast but I’ve never tried crackers so might give that a go!

  2. That looks like a good portion size. And if she is snacking on things like fruit and crackers or cheese, then I would not worry about how much she is eating. As long as she is not filling up on sweets and chocolate (although they are fine occasionally too).

    • Thanks! She loves her fruit so able to keep away from the sweet things so far! Although I do find it funny to give her some of my chocolate from time to time – the chocolate dribbles seem to be never ending!

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