How many grapes?!

So far, eating has come naturally to my wee one and the whole transition to solids has been a dream!  My only concern is ‘How much should she eat?‘  She doesn’t seem to know when to stop and will keep eating until I stop her – no matter what she is eating!  I know that you shouldn’t put a baby on a diet, and I’m not doing that, but there comes a point where if I take her out of her chair she is fully satisfied and doesn’t look for food till the next meal – despite the fact that if she stayed at the table she would have kept eating.

Grapes for snackSo, how much should I give her?  I’m fairly happy with her meal portions as she gets two courses and often picks away on lots of veg until we have finished eating, but afternoon snack, between lunch and tea, I think she would eat a whole meal if I let her!  This is yesterday’s snack – all eaten with hardly a break for air!  She is eleven months old – I’d appreciate any thoughts on quantities!  On other days she would eat a bowl of berries, or a whole banana.  Equally, other snack ideas would be welcome!


Tummy Bug Time

Yesterday, for the first day since I started blogging, I missed a day.  It wasn’t just that I didn’t write, I didn’t read either.  I didn’t even go to Netmums or Mumsnet to check the ‘latest posts’ as I’ve enjoyed doing so much over the past month.  I didn’t open up WordPress and click on ‘Blogs I follow’ to see what the Mum’s I’ve connected with so far have been saying.

The reason is in the title – a tummy bug is to blame.  It’s not me though, it’s the wee one, which I have discovered is 1000 times worse than being ill myself.  It’s the first time she has really been ill and I hate it.  Ok, she’s had a cold, she has been teething and she has had off days, but this is different.  It started on Sunday night, when she was ‘big girl’ sick – I’ll spare you the details, but it required a sheet change for the bed, and a bath & hair wash for her.

Washer & Dryer

No sooner had we got the bed made again and got her back in it, then we were starting the routine all over again as she was sick again.  The poor wee thing must have had nothing left inside her at all – but still, a third time she was sick.  (By the third time we managed to clear her up without a bath – a small achievement but a significant one at the time.)  I didn’t want to post a photo of a sick baby, or of sick itself so I thought I’d go for my washing machine & tumble dryer – I’d guess they have been used more than any others in the UK these past two days!  How do people manage without?!

So yesterday I spent the whole day with her in my arms.  We visited the doctor (very impressed with the NHS on this occasion as we got an appointment straight away!) and he saw for himself how floppy my wee girl was, she didn’t flinch as he examined her.  She dozed on and off all day, and had only water to drink.  At bed time we gave her 4oz rather than the 2oz at a time she had through the day, and guess what?  Yes, sick again.

Today she’s only slightly better, but has managed a wee bit of baby porridge at lunchtime so that’s a step forward.  She seems keen to eat, but I’m not risking too much or too fast; little and often seems the way to go.  Any suggestions for good food for her tender tummy would be appreciated!

Things I’ve learnt about being ill so far:
– 3 cot sheets is not enough (never would have guessed I would need more than that!)
– 1 pillow is not enough
– John Lewis pillow protectors can’t protect pillows from the sick of a 10 month old!
– 1 special ‘Blue Ted’ is not enough
– 3 sleep-suits is not enough
– 2 sleeping bags is not enough
– There can never be enough cuddles between a Mum and a sick wee girl!

But on the positive side:
– Sick babies love to cuddle up and watch TV
– Sick babies nod off to sleep a lot
– Sick babies may not smile but they show you that they love you & need you much more than usual
– If you have a sick baby, the doctors are there to help – straight away!

She still hasn’t been down to play yet, not really holding her head up, just lying watching TV cuddled up with me most of the day.  She’s in her cot for a sleep now, so no excuse – I better get on with making something for our tea.  Time to browse a few blogs first though!


Leftovers from Sunday Dinner

When I wrote my post about Tasty Tatties on Friday I envisaged today’s post being a mouth-watering photo of my roast beef surrounded by two dishes of beautiful potatoes – roasted and mashed.

However, in the rush of serving dinner up I forgot to take the photo!  So, I’m afraid that the only photo I can show is of my leftovers – if you look closely you will see the one lonely roast potato next to the pile of mash!

It’s fair to say that Sunday lunch went well – there wasn’t much left over anyway!  Nothing has ever gone to waste in this house as my husband loves to take leftovers to work with him the following day.  He has a fight on his hands now though as I want to keep some for my wee girl who will munch on anything she can get her hands on – she has already enjoyed a good serving of mash, carrots & broccoli from the plate above!

The main course wasn’t the only success of Sunday though – dessert went down very well too!  If you like pavlova and banoffie pie, can I recommend my new creation!  For want of a better name I will call it ‘pavoffie’!  I find pavlova easier to make than a biscuit base for banoffie pie (thanks to my Mum’s ‘perfect pavlova’ recipe!) so I made a pavlova, then used it in place of a base!  I simply flipped it over and topped it with caramel, banana, cream & chocolate flake – YUM!  I’d highly recommend it – I even had a wee slice after my toast this morning!

Tasty Tatties at 20 Weeks

Home Grown Potatoes

This week has been rather momentous for me as I have finally been able to pick and eat the potatoes I’ve been growing for the last 20 weeks.  It’s the first time I’ve grown any of my own vegetables and I’ve got to admit to being surprised at how well it seems to have gone!

Pictured here is what I got from the first of 16 plants – a couple of tiny wee ones but otherwise some pretty big potatoes!  Obviously I’m far from a professional at this as I had to pick them into a dustpan – not sure what the right thing to use would be and it’s only now I’m looking at the photo I’m realising it doesn’t look great!

I’m glad that potatoes are ready in half the time that babies are as I think I would have completely lost patience by 40 weeks (but then again I lost patience waiting for my wee one to come along long before 40 weeks too!)  Now I’ve made that comparison I realise how nice it would have been to have a ‘Your potatoes – a week by week guide’ just like the pregnancy sites – pictures of how my potatoes are coming along might have encouraged me to water them and tend to them more!  Any gardening types with a bit of spare time on their hands and a lot of imagination fancy creating one?  I’m sure it could be easily adjusted to cover all sorts of vegetables!

I’d love to report that they tasted out of this world, but sadly I have to be honest and say that they just tasted like potatoes.  My husband did the ‘good husband’ bit telling me that they tasted great, and they certainly were tasty, but for me the goodness was more in the knowledge that I’d grown them myself.  Anyway, they were good enough for me to get excited about picking more and there is something special about ‘popping out to the garden to get the potatoes for tea’.  I’m going to put them to the test on Sunday when I’m cooking lunch for 8 – I will report back on how well they go down!