The Gallery – Colour

Autumn Leaves - Boston Ivy

This week The Gallery topic is ‘Colour’ and Tara at Sticky Fingers set us the task of taking photos while the weather was good and choosing one particular colour to show off.

Well, I’m on holiday, and the weather really hasn’t been that good, so I thought I’d cheat and use this photo of the RED autumn leaves which I actually posted a couple of weeks ago!

So, thanks for popping by, pop over to The Gallery to see all the other entries!


Cheerful Guest Bloggers Wanted!

I thought for my reasons to be cheerful this week would be based around upcoming events that I am very excited about!

My Calendar

– Only 8 days till we go on holiday – yee-ha! So while I’m away I’m looking for guest bloggers – more on that later!

– Only 25 days until my husband’s big 40th birthday, and 26 until my wee one turns 1.  The plans are all coming together for the birthday celebrations & I’m getting very excited about that!  I think I’ve got great presents for both of them – although my husband is currently quite worried as he has no clue what I’ve got him!

– Only 93 days until Christmas!  Yes, I confess, I’m like a wee girl when it comes to Christmas, I just love it, and get all excited in the run up to it!  I love choosing presents for people, I love decorating the house, I love hearing cheery Christmas music in the shops (ok, maybe not quite this early!), I love everything about it!

So there we have it – lots to look forward to, and lots to be cheerful about!  To see what everyone else is cheerful about this week please hop over to Mum of All Trades who is guest hosting this week!

So, my holidays!  I could just leave my blog for a week, or I could leave it in the hands of some other trusty bloggers through having some guest bloggers!  If you are interested in blogging for me when I’m away from 3rd – 7th October please get in touch.  There are a few conditions…

– you would have to follow my rules, ie, one picture to illustrate your post, no faces to be shown
– I need to have your entry in advance, by next Wednesday 28th September so I can get it all set up
– you would preferably be a reader of mine so that you can fit in with the general tone & topics, ie, parenting, home & garden, blogging (but if you are reading this then the chances are you know that anyway!)
– it should generally be a cheerful post – as it is ‘reasons to be cheerful’ day!


PackingMy husband and I are off to London this afternoon, and our wee one is staying with Grandma & Grandpa. Ordinarily I would have spent ages planning my weekend wardrobe and laying out my things, but no, this time it was the wee ones things which were all laid out in advance – and mine will be hastily put together at the last minute (well, whenever I stop blogging and get on with it!)

Funny how our approach to packing changes with the arrival of a wee one – and also funny that she will need more for a weekend at Grandma’s than I do for a weekend in London!

The reason for our visit is to go to a 40th birthday party – but with a certain 1st birthday coming up I think I’ll be making my way straight for Hamleys on our arrival!