The Gallery – Colour

Autumn Leaves - Boston Ivy

This week The Gallery topic is ‘Colour’ and Tara at Sticky Fingers set us the task of taking photos while the weather was good and choosing one particular colour to show off.

Well, I’m on holiday, and the weather really hasn’t been that good, so I thought I’d cheat and use this photo of the RED autumn leaves which I actually posted a couple of weeks ago!

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Home Sweet Home

This week the theme for The Gallery is ‘Home‘.  There are lots of things that make a house a home, be it the photos on the wall, the things we have brought home from holidays or special pieces of furnishings we have found.  Sometimes the toys lying around are what makes this house a home, or the kitchen complete with the aroma of something tasty cooking.  So what would I choose for this weeks Gallery topic of ‘Home’.

The Gallery - Home - My BedroomSpoiled for choice, I have opted for my bedroom.  When I”m out and I say “I can’t wait to get home”, or when I’ve been away and return saying “It’s good to be home” then often the home I mean is my own bed, fresh sheets, soft lighting, a good book… and of course the baby monitor on my bedside table to help me ensure that my wee one is enjoying her own bed too!

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Guilty Pleasures – but why?

The Gallery - Guilty PleasuresI thought I’d photograph three guilty pleasures in one go for this week’s entry to ‘The Gallery‘, but then it got me thinking… Why are these guilty pleasures?  Is there anything wrong with the fact that I like to sit down with some biscuits in front of Neighbours to do some blogging each lunchtime?

The obvious answer is ‘No’.  There is no reason why I shouldn’t sit down for half an hour of Aussie soap and enjoy surfing the net with a few biccies at the same time.

However, that doesn’t stop me feeling guilty.

It’s one of the main things I debate as a stay-at-home Mum – when am I allowed to relax?  I can’t really explain why I feel this way, but I feel like I should always be ‘working’, I find it really hard to sit down during the day.  Of course there are always things to do – washing, ironing, preparing tea, cleaning, organising, making party invitations (eek still haven’t done that one!) – no end of things I can do while my wee one is napping.  I feel I should be taking the opportunity while she is asleep to get on with it so that I can give her my full attention when she is awake.

But I know too that there is nothing wrong with sitting down and putting my feet up for half an hour… or more!  In fact I’m doing it right now, and when I stop over-thinking it, it feels great!

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Happy Memories on the Stairs

Climbing the Stairs

If the topic for ‘The Gallery‘ last week had been ‘Things that scare you‘ then this photo would have been perfect!  It’s amazing how things change in a few days!  I took this photo thinking up a blog entry in my head about the terrifying prospect of my wee one scampering up the stairs and losing her footing.  It was amazing how quickly she went from not noticing the stairs, to climbing them at a ridiculous pace – and of course she aims for them at every opportunity.

So, why am I posting it as ‘Happy Memories’?
Well, since Monday my wee one has been immobilised due to a Tummy Bug – she has been lying helpless in my arms for two days.  Today there is a slight improvement, but she is nowhere near strong enough to crawl along the ground, never mind up the stairs.

All of a sudden my perspective has changed, and a smile comes to my face when I think about the cheeky smile she would give me when turning around after sneaking up 3 stairs!
I’m sure she will be right as rain again in a few days and I’ll be back to terrified!  Still, I thought I’d post this temporary Happy Memory rather than one of the permanent Happy Memories, like my wedding, taking the wee one home from hospital, special times on holiday.  Those happy memories will stay forever, but I’m sure I’ll soon forget how happy a memory the stair-climbing became over the past few days!

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