Just a brief post to say I’m off on holiday this week!  Ok, I admit, I’m writing this on Friday night and setting it to automatically appear on Monday!  Wow – the wonders of WordPress!

Anyway, I’ll write more about my break when I come back – in the meantime, happy blogging and if you are visiting me, please follow me on twitter – I’ve just joined!

Largo WeatherOh – look at the weather forecast – things might be looking up for me in the middle of the week!


The Gallery: Animals

We don’t have a pet – I’m not really an animal lover at all.  I was keen to contribute to ‘The Gallery‘ but when I saw that the theme for this week was ‘Animals’ I ruled it out and thought I would wait until next week to make my first entry.  However, that changed quickly when my wee girl was out in the garden and I saw her making her way up the steps towards a cat that was sitting enjoying the sun.  I had my camera out anyway, so got ready to snap and couldn’t believe it when she reached the top of the steps and the cat rolled over and started entertaining her!  She had made a new friend!

The Gallery - Animals

It seems that the absence of pets in the house hasn’t meant that my wee girl is scared at all – in fact it’s probably just made her more inquisitive!  I really liked the picture anyway, so thought I’d share it!

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